Ann McCallum
Ann grew up in the wilds of British Columbia, Canada. At her first ‘real’ job, she once crossed paths with a bear while teaching in a one-room schoolhouse. She moved to Maryland soon after that experience.

Ann has a Master of Education from the University of Maryland, where she works as a teacher and mom to two amazing children. She's also the author of Rabbits, Rabbits Everwhere! A Fibonacci Sequence and The Secret Life of Math.

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Meet The Creators Of EYMH!

Leeza Hernandez
Leeza grew up on the Isle of Wight, a tiny diamond-shaped island off the south coast of England. She moved to the USA more than a decade ago and likes to spend time in her studio illustrating (and sometimes writing) children's books.

Leeza's first ever job was making beds at a holiday camp during the summer months. After her shift, she headed to the local Wimpy with her friend for a plate of chips (french fries) and a coke float. Yum!

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